The Voice Box

One day Elora wanders into a strange shop that sells only boxes.

Inside each box is a voice.

Elora exchanges her voice for new ones.

She discovers new sides to her personality as she tries out each voice on her friends, her teacher and her Mum


A book about Growing Up and finding our own Voice.

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Dragon and the moon

Baby Dragon sleeps in the warmth of his Mummys cave.


One night he wakes and discovers the wonders of the world under the care of the Moon.

He travels on clouds, gathering stars, watching sleeping whales until finally the sun finds him.

How will he get back home to his Mummy?

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Everything you need to know about history's Tyrants.

The worst of the worst reduced to the tiny little fools they always were.

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and teddy emo

Gothgirl is cool. She lives in an alternate world where toys are real, dangerous and powerful. Teddy Emo is Gothgirls faithful side kick...even if she could do without his help!

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