I want you all to follow the journey in the creation of my books. As any writer or artist knows, creating a picture book takes a lot of time, dedication and process. 

Each book starts with an idea, inspiration and the wish to turn this into the lovely object, a book.

Yes, I still like a hand held book with pages. There is nothing so lovely as a parent reading a story with a child, turning the pages in anticipation, enjoying the details in the drawings, learning the words. We all have a book we loved as a child which takes us back to a world of imagination.

I hope you find my sketches, paintings, words, ideas that go into my books, interesting. Please email me if you have any questions or want any advice.

Every book starts with INSPIRATION!

When I moved to Qatar I wanted to find out about the animals that live here. As I come from Australia I knew that the desert has unique and specialised animals. Who lived in the Arabian desert I wondered.

Then I discovered THE SAND CAT.

This little book is the result of three years research, sketches, layouts, edits, and a LOT of hand painting. 

It is a wonderful process and I am proud of the results. My hope is this book introduces children to the wonders of the Arabian desert and the wonderful creatures that live there.

Every books starts with sketches, layouts, copy edits and a lot of chnges and refining. 

The character sketches are made. Some work, some are changed, some are disgarded.

Then painted character sketches are done from approves sketches. 

Then the layout is refined, a dummy book created to ensure that the copy reads well, the artwork sits nicely within the pages and changes can be made.

Pages are further refined with the copy and saved as files ready for the indesign layout work.

Pages are further refined with the copy and saved as files ready for the indesign layout work.

The very important cover is then designed. 

The very important cover is then designed. 

Then a sample book is printed and any last changes are made at this stage. Then, the final book is printed.

I am proud to offer my sweet Qitt the Sand Cat book..to YOU!

Follow the next journey where Bandar the Little Monkey comes to life!

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